At about 13 weeks our OB/GYN recommended we take advantage of some non-invasive prenatal testing called Nucheal Translucency Testing in which they measure the fluid in the spine (back of the neck) and, coupled with some blood testing, can fairly accurately determine if your child is at risk for a handful of birth defects. The facility we went to had some pretty high tech u/s machines (much better than the dilapidated hunk of junk circa the early ’70’s they have at my OB’s office) and we caught some AMAZING views of the little one. Matt and I were both staring at the monitor, frantically counting fingers and toes as they flashed across the screen (relieved to find that everything was as it should be – phew!).

Interestingly, I had recently read in one of the handful of pregnancy newsletters I am subscribed to that, at this stage of development (and if the sun, moon, and stars align) an u/s could possibly detect the sex of the baby. Matt and I weren’t holding our breath, but man – that would be SO cool. For a planner like me, hanging around in limbo not knowing if we should get ready for a boy or a girl, the wait is sheer torture.

Forty-five minutes later, with the flick of the wand, a really good angle from the feet up, and a cooperating baby, the verdict was in.
It's a boy!